Monday, May 05, 2008

Maemo Keyboard on Qt4 applications

So, it seems I really like working with Input Methods.

This time I present you the Qt4 input context plugin for Hildon Input Method. So for now all Qt4 applications can make use of the maemo keyboard.

The code is still in its initial stage, but it's working so far. You can grab it from here.

Contributions are really welcome. If you want to help, please consider looking at the FIXME list on qhildoninputcontext.cpp :).

UPDATE: Thanks to Rodarvus to point me out that qhildoninputmethod.cpp didn't exist, changing to qhildoninputcontext.cpp :D


rodarvus said...


nice work!

qhildoninputmethod.cpp (and .h FWIW) is not present on current git master.

Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko) said...

Hi Rodarvus,

Thanks for the feedback.

I meant qhildoninputcontext.cpp :P

I will update the post.

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Jack Chrysler said...
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