Friday, November 16, 2007

Maemo Keyboard on Ecore applications

Last week, we at the office were discussing how we should integrate the maemo keyboard with the new Canola. After some time studying how Input Methods work, I decided to implement a framework for pluggable IM on Ecore, called Ecore_IM.

Ecore_IM is based on Gtk/Qt Input Method frameworks and works with pluggable so called immodules. So after writing the API for Ecore_IM I wrote a plugin hildon-input-method for accessing the maemo keyboard.

I already integrated it with Etk, so all Etk applications running on the device will automatically show the keyboard when requested. I intend to implement support for E widgets, so Mamona that is shipping with E can use the maemo keyboard.

If you are interested in using it or integrating it in your application you can grab it from here. The Etk support can be found here.

I hope this get integrated in Ecore really soon, so stay tuned.

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