Monday, November 06, 2006


Long time no posting, but now i have a good reason to do so. As some of you already know, i am being working on a "secret" project for a while now. The project i am talking about is Canola, a great media player for 770 users. There is also a preview video showing some of its features.

We should release a version this month, so be prepared.

Hope you enjoy

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Jack Chrysler said...

Quick facts about VoIP SIP SDK:

* Dynamically loadable codecs
* Registrar support
* Play wav files into conversation
* Record conversation into file
* Hold/Retrieve call
* Forward Call (Blind Call Transfer)
* Transfer Call (Attended Transfer)
* Mute Sound
* VPN support
* Authorization Id
* Samples on Delphi, C#, VB, VB.NET, C++ 2005, C++ 6.0, HTML (SIP ActiveX)
* Adaptive silence detection
* Adaptive jitter buffer
* STUN support
* Comes as ActiveX control
* Royalty free licensing
* No Yearly/Monthly fee