Thursday, November 09, 2006

Browsing shared content using DAAP/DPAP

Some time ago i started a new project called libdmapsharing. Its main purpose was to enable canola to browse shared contents (iTunes, iPhoto, rhythmbox, banshee, etc) using DAAP/DPAP.

But what is DAAP/DPAP?
DAAP (Digital Audio Access Protocol) is a protocol used by Apple's iTunes and other digital audio player to share music across a network or the Internet. As DAAP, DPAP (Digital Photo Access Protocol) is a protocol used to share content across a network, but photos instead of musics. The protocol is used by Apple's iPhoto and other photo applications.

Currently libdmapsharing supports only browsing, but in the future i intend to add sharing support also, so you will be able to easily share your musics/photos. The documentation is missing, but i will start writing it soon. As you can see, there is some things to do, so anyone interested in helping (even testing) it would be great.

Hope you enjoy


JulienV said...


I would be interested in helping, although I am not much a developer. Maybe testing would be possible.

I am really fond of DPAP/DAAP which seems to be the solution to most of my issues at the moment, and their support on Linux is not what I would call "just usable".

Please contact me through my website if you think I can do something.


Ephilei said...

I can't offer any help, but I'd love to see this succeed and hope you the best!

Jack Chrysler said...
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I've continued work on libdmapsharing. The library now implements client and server DAAP, DPAP and DACP. The GNOME project's Rhythmbox media player presently uses libdmapsharing for its DAAP features. In addition, dmapd is a libdmapsharing-based project that provides DAAP and DPAP services when run on a Linux (or other POSIX) computer.