Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tapioca-VoIP - Now with GTalk support

After a lot (and i mean a lot) of work, we finally release a new version of Tapioca-VoIP, that now includes full Google Talk support. This means that you can now talk and chat to your GTalk friends using linux. Besides that this version includes a lot of bugfixes and enhacements. Python bindings are now available and C# bindings are coming soon (already on SVN). So it's your time to test it and help us to develop a first class VoIP and IM framework for linux.

Installation instructions can be found at our homepage

I hope you enjoy


Etrunko said...

I forgot to add a comment here. All I have to say is: "BRUTO!"

Cheers, Etrunko.

Jorgy said...

awesome!! thanks a lot for the good work, now trying to compile it for kde... :-/

Hebert-Se said...

O cara quando ta ficando rico é assim.
Muda ate a nacionalidade.
Escreve tudo em Inglês agora.
To dizendo.
Eu que não sei nada de Inglês que não vou ficar me matando pra ler.
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Abraço amigo multi milionario

pinky said...

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Anonymous said...

Kept hearing people talk about Voip and IP Telephony. Didn't know what it was but i found the Lloyds Business website and it shed some light. Not as exciting as i though it was gonna be

Jack Chrysler said...
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